Top 3 Major Factors to Consider When Making a Meme


The propagation of memes as a new form of communication is so fascinating it has even been studied by Stanford! Memes are the new viral method of joking and conversing by millennials and Gen Z alike.

The right meme can make you a hit on social media. But how do you go about making a meme that hits the right chord with your audience?

We’ve simplified the process here by giving you a few meme-making tips to consider when you’re starting out. With a bit of practice and our tips, you’ll strike meme gold in no time. Read on to learn how to do it!

  1. Appeal to Your Audience

Your social media is akin to a brand. You have followers that fit in a certain demographic, and your meme should cater to your followers. For example, if your followers are primarily teenagers, memes that capitalize on common high school experiences are likely to do well.

The best way to do this is to be authentic. Your social media reflects your brand personality, so stay true to it and your audience will remain loyal.

In addition, it’s important to stay current. If you’re posting outdated memes, they probably won’t get much traction. There are a few outliers and cases where “retro memes” have gone viral, but the best way to appeal to your audience is to stay up to date on meme trends.

  1. Use Your Wit

Of all the steps for making a meme, the text is the most difficult to nail. It has to balance being relatable with a touch of absurdism and humor.

The perfect meme is not too serious and is silly, but has a witty, darker twist to it. It’s similar to the perfect joke. When making memes, keep it light-hearted but with a bit of wit at the center.

There’s no quick and easy guide for how to be funny, but one of the best meme-making tips we can offer is to study the professionals. See what works and what doesn’t. The memes that make you laugh out loud are what you want to emulate.

If you like memes that speak to the nihilistic state of eating three boxes of pizza rolls in one sitting, capitalize on that type of self-deprecating humor! Chances are, if it strikes a chord with you, it will strike a chord with your viewers.

  1. Use the Right Tools

Once you’ve come up with your content and a few general ideas, it’s time to execute it. It’s easy to make your own meme with a blank meme generator, which will show you all the most popular meme templates on social media.

From there you can add your text, modify the image, and add anything you want to make it pop. One of our tips for making a meme is to keep it simple though – you don’t want to overwhelm your viewer. The beauty of the meme is its simplicity.

Start by Making a Meme Today

Now that you know the biggest factors to consider when making a meme, you have no reason not to get started! Remember, not every meme becomes a viral hit, but the more quality memes you produce, the larger your following will become. With practice, you’ll be a meme success in no time.

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