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Top 4 Reasons to Own a Seedbox for Torrenting

Are you a fan of downloading and uploading torrents online? Well why not get a seedbox. After installing and using a remotely hosted server known as seedbox, you’ll get a whole new torrenting experience.

Torrenting over your home network can be annoying due to privacy issues, speed limit, ISP limitations. And these are just a few of the issues users face when torrenting online. But by opting for seedboxes you can avoid these issue quite easily. Take a look at some of the reasons why you need a seedbox and how it can help with your torrenting issues.

1. Privacy and Security 

Your IP address is exposed and you are vulnerable to trackers when visiting torrent portals and downloading files. Additionally, your ISP is constantly monitoring your online move while torrents are in progress and blocking websites to download torrents. You can easily eliminate all privacy and security concerns with the use of a seedbox. This remote hosting server makes your activity anonymous and hides your IP address. Even your ISP won’t be able to track you as it connects securely to multiple server connections.

2. High Speed

Another issue with which every torrent user faces when torrenting via home connection is the slow downloads and uploads. When working on Wi-Fi, after a certain limit, you find it difficult to give you the speed at which you can torrent large files. Seedbox puts you on a high-speed bandwidth network that makes it easy to upload and download torrent files. Usually a seedbox can set a speed range between 100Mbps and 1Gbps that will allow you to download a large file in minutes.

3. Space

If you are short of space to save your torrent files, seedboxes can solve your problem. A Seedbox comes with storage space for users to keep their downloaded torrent files for as long as they want. Later, when you want to open the files, you can simply transfer them to your system with an FTP download. Some seedbox providers even have a pre-installed media streaming app that only allows you to stream media files from the server.

4. Overcome ISP Limitations

Your ISP will monitor your internet activity. Some of the websites are blocked to limit your torrenting activities. It will also slow down as the heavy traffic generation. Now, this isn’t helping your torrenting activities. Getting a seedbox helps you overcome any limitations applied by your ISP. With a seedbox, you can easily continue with your online torrenting activities.

These are just a few reasons to own a seedbox. Seedboxes are becoming quite a utility for more serious torrenters. And you too will be benefited hugely by installing and using a seedbox.

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