branding ideas for mailer boxes

Top 5 branding ideas for mailer boxes

A famous quote is that the first impression is the last. In the business world, the product’s first impression is built through the packaging design. Commonly, entrepreneurs attract customers through the custom packaging of the product. People often prefer the products that are packed into custom gift boxes. It not only increases the worth of an ordinary item but also reflects the quality of a brand. Marketers and manufacturers often use custom gift boxes to appeal to the users.

The presentation of the products into elegant and appealing packaging is a top source to attract the attention of customers. Beautiful and impressive packaging designs enhance the customer experience and increase the selling of the products. Custom boxes designed with the paperboard are also known as custom mailer boxes.

Custom mailer boxes

Whether you are attached to the packaging industry, food business, or electronic shop, you need to present your items into impressive custom mailer boxes. Here are some eye-catching ideas for mailer boxes:

  1. E-Flute corrugated boxes

E-flute corrugated boxes feature with foaming structure inside. The inside casing of the box is protected with a foaming sheet. It displays the product elegantly and is used in jewellery designing and the mobile industry.

  1. Corrugated cardboard

Custom bakery boxes are often designed as corrugated card boards. These corrugated cardboard boxes are flexible in shape and size. You can order these boxes in any size as per the fitting of the product inside. The corrugated boxes are adjustable and can be recycled easily.

  1. Mailer box with VHS slot

Mailer boxes with VHS slots are commonly used for saving and shipping electronic products. Though these mailer boxes are light in weight, yet they are durable and secure the products. The appearance of the box is designed with nice color and graphic designs.

Top 5 mailer box ideas

If you consider the size and shape of the mailer box enough to make it appealing, you are at fault. Brands spend a lot of money in designing each element of the product to attract the public. The casing box in which the product needs to be displayed should be catchy at first sight. A mailer box designs include:

  1. Font style: Mailer boxes carry a specific style of font style that a brand or business frequently used in advertising its products. Sometimes, on having looked upon the specific type of font, you may guess which brand this custom box belongs to.
  2. Color: The color combination used on the mailer boxes is at the priority: unique color combinations and colors spread over the box appeal to the attention of the people instantly.
  3. Logo: The logo works to promote the business. The logo of the company turns a simple custom box into a promotional box. It is a greater advertisement stunt to paste the logo on every product and box to market the brand.
  4. Other graphical designs: Numerous designs like lines, shapes, circles, spots, etc., are common on the mailer box. These designs are used to add to the beauty of the box. 
  5. Protection & sustainability: Besides the color and beauty of the design, another important feature is the sustainability of the design. For instance, liquid products cannot be placed in a simple cardboard box. Rather, it requires some type of metal casing to get secured.

Custom bakery boxes have been used by bakeries and the food industry frequently. If you have ever visited any bakery or mart, you might have observed the packaging of cakes, sweets, and other bakery items. All items are sold to customers in nice custom bakery boxes. The interesting thing about the custom bakery box is that those can be reused by the purchaser easily for miscellaneous purposes.

Similarly, gift shops use superb and unique custom gift boxes. The purpose of gift boxes is to increase the visits of customers’ to a specific place. It is a greater way to attract people through unique and amazing mailer box designs.


Whatever designs, colors, logos, and writing you want to place on the mailer box, keep in mind the simplicity. The top brands keep the casing box design simpler. For instance, if you have ever purchased a mobile phone, you might have observed that top mobile companies use simple designs with lesser colors on the mobile box.

There are hundreds of unique ideas to design a mailer box. Even people like to see photos and quotes written on the mailer boxes. Especially, a mailer box designed to present any luxury item to the user often carries appealing digital graphics. E-commerce is the largest industry that has been using durable and impressive mailer boxes. Commercial mailer boxes are a greater source of marketing for any brand and increase brand recognition as well.

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