Top Reasons Why WordPress is Best PHP CMS in 2021 ?

It’s difficult to believe that only 53% of small businesses have a website. Surprisingly, 19 percent of small and medium businesses say they choose not to have a website in order to save money on website design. The majority of these small businesses are unaware that setting up and launching a website costs less than $100. That’s right! You can set up your website in minutes by purchasing a domain name, hosting, installing WordPress, and purchasing a pre-designed WordPress theme. For less than $100, you can have it all. If you are looking for a professional WordPress Development Company  than you might get in touch with Web Development India. They have expert WordPress designer and WordPress dedicated developers to take on any task.


Consider this: Will you spend $100 to create a beautiful WordPress website and grow your company online, or do you still believe it is too expensive? You’re probably wondering what WordPress is and why the web design company you attempted to employ didn’t mention it. Continue reading to learn what you need to know. Web Development India is one of the top web development company in India with dedicated and expert WordPress designers and having more than 8+ years of experience in developing custom WordPress application.


What Is WordPress and How Does It Work?

The best content management system (CMS) available today is WordPress. Without having to learn any programming, this software helps you to easily develop, edit, manage, and publish content on your website. According to Venture Beat, “WordPress now powers more than 25% of the Web.”


WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform, contrary to popular belief. WordPress can also be used to build company websites, eCommerce pages, professional portfolios, and much more. Why do you use WordPress? There are several advantages of using WordPress to build a website. Here are a few examples.


  1. You’ll be able to save a lot of money.

The cost of hiring a web developer to create a custom HTML website ranges from $2,000 to $25,000 on average. When you factor in yearly hosting and maintenance costs, you’ll find yourself devoting your entire marketing budget to the development of your website. This is why, when it comes to getting their company online, more and more small and medium businesses are opting for WordPress over custom-built HTML websites.

There has been a long controversy that has devolved into a war between WordPress and HTML. In fact, deciding between WordPress and HTML is straightforward. Hiring a design firm to create a custom website for your business makes sense if you’re a large corporate brand with a large marketing budget. WordPress, on the other hand, is ideal for small businesses that are just getting started. Since it is inexpensive and simple to set up, even someone with no prior knowledge of web design can create a website.


  1. Create any kind of website you want

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about WordPress is blogging. WordPress, on the other hand, is capable of so much more. WordPress can be used to create almost any type of website, from business websites to social networks and beyond. It’s also used by some of the most well-known brands.

Do you need proof? Then take a look at the Sony Music website, Bata, AMC, and Xerox, to name a few of the well-known brands that use WordPress.


  1. Eliminate the Middleman

It takes a lot of effort to keep a website up to date. You must keep your website up to date, customize it for mobile devices, enforce good protection to avoid hacker attacks, and, most importantly, add new pages and content to it. To handle this type of work on a custom-built website, you’ll need to employ a web developer. These aren’t cheap developers. They’ll bill by the hour. WordPress, on the other hand, does not have this problem. You can update WordPress with a single click, add and manage all of your website’s pages, and even install security plugins to keep your site secure.


  1. There are tens of thousands of themes to choose from.

One of the key reasons why people like WordPress is that it allows you to create any kind of website you want using thousands of beautiful WordPress themes. Let’s say you’re planning to build a niche website for a construction company or a beauty salon. Then, with a fast Google search, you can easily find a building WordPress theme or a medical WordPress theme to design your website.


  1. The ability to use plugins to scale the website

Plugins for WordPress enable you to enhance the functionality of your website. With only a few simple clicks, you can add a contact page to your website, add a checkout system, boost SEO, add an extra layer of protection, and even build landing pages. On the official WordPress Plugins website, there are over 43,000 plugins, and on Code Canyon, there are over 4,100 plugins. You can rest assured that as your company expands, you’ll have plenty of options for scaling your website.


  1. Create a Website in Five Minutes

Installing WordPress is as simple as walking through the park. In under five minutes, you can set everything up and begin working on your website Most web hosts also have single-click installations, allowing you to set up WordPress in a matter of minutes. There are also WordPress-specific hosting plans, in which the hosting provider installs WordPress for you and allows you to work on the web directly from the WordPress dashboard.


  1. It is user-friendly.

WordPress comes with a clean and beginner-friendly user interface that allows you to navigate your entire website from a single dashboard, so you don’t need any coding or web design experience to use it.

You can add new pages, blogs, and media to your website using the Live Editor. You can also customize the look of your website by adding a new backdrop, widgets, headers, and menus in the Appearance section.


  1. Ongoing Support And Updating

WordPress is a free and open-source platform. However, it provides a high-quality user experience. It’s one of the many reasons why WordPress has such a large user base of millions of people all over the world. These experts will always be available to answer your questions if you have any issues with the app.


Every year, Automattic, the company that created WordPress, publishes at least three big updates to the CMS. The other minor improvements will be applied to your device automatically. It’s also completely free! You can also search the WordPress version using a variety of methods. Do you believe an independent web designer will provide free website updates in the future?


  1. It is compatible with mobile devices.

WordPress is completely sensitive, meaning it works on any mobile device with any screen size. You don’t need to build a separate version of your website for smartphones and tablets, unlike custom-made HTML websites. WordPress themes, particularly premium WordPress themes, come pre-optimized for mobile screens.


  1. Increased Security

Do you want to give your website enterprise-level security? It’s as easy as plugging in a plugin. WordPress plugins like iThemes Security help you secure your website from hackers, malware, and other threats by enforcing strong passwords and keeping your site safe from a variety of threats.


You no longer need to employ a security specialist. For more details, Kinsta has a comprehensive guide on how to improve the security of your WordPress site.


  1. SEO Implementation Made Simple

Search engine optimization of the website pages and content is the most vexing job, and we despise it. Can you imagine the amount of time it takes to go through each page of an HTML website and optimize it for keywords and meta descriptions? When you use WordPress, though, you won’t have to think about that. There’s a mod for that as well.

Yoast SEO is one of the many WordPress plugins that makes it simple to add proper meta headlines, descriptions, and even keyword optimization to your pages.


  1. Create a company blog

Companies that have a blog generate 97 percent more traffic and 97 percent more connections to their website than companies that do not have a blog, according to HubSpot. Having a blog is, without a doubt, a necessary component for generating leads and growing sales. Create a blog on your website with WordPress. To get started blogging right away, you can either use a subdomain ( or install WordPress in a separate folder.


  1. Content Management Made Simple

You can play around with a lot of cool features in the WordPress dashboard. Upload multimedia content using the drag-and-drop gui, build picture galleries, schedule articles for publication at specific times, and customize the sidebar with cool widgets. None of it would necessitate the writing of a single line of code.

Is it possible to do all of this with an HTML website?

  1. Convert Your Website Into A Store

Are you considering launching an online store? Make use of WordPress, WooCommerce, and WoonderShop! WordPress is used by a lot of online retailers, like Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nichols, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Great free plugins, such as WooCommerce, make this simpler by allowing users to create online stores on their new or existing WordPress pages. It’ll just take a couple of minutes.

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