Transform your living room into a bedroom

Living in small spaces might not be your first choice, but it has clearly turned into a necessity these days. Due to increasing urbanization, the rent of big houses is touching the sky. In this case, the most basic option you’ve got is to maximize the functionality of the limited space that you can afford at ease.

We’ve observed and learned that students and young people cannot afford to pay the rents of large houses or big spacious flats, over the years. They are usually residing in a studio apartment or cramped up in a tiny dorm room. Here are some tips that will help you redesign your space and get the most out of it.

  • Study your space

Firstly, carefully plan out and list the uses of the space you want it to serve. Measure your room and sketch out what should be placed where. Along with that, observe and take notes on what your space looks like. Take a good look at your house’s layout and how the furniture and other amenities could be made more functional.

  • Plan your budget

Secondly, and most importantly, plan a budget. Transforming a space into a bedroom and living room might cost you a lot if you are not well-planned. Plan out the furniture and other stuff you need to purchase and go through several stores to find your perfect fit, especially when you are on a tight budget. 

  • Enlarge the space

It’s a good trick for small homeowners who want to use their space as a bedroom and living room to enlarge their space. You can do so by coordinating the same wall color as your floor. This trick ultimately makes sense, and it creates an illusion of a bigger room by merging the space between the floor and the wall, which helps create an airy and fresh atmosphere.

  • Makeshift furniture is a must

When you live in a small home, your furniture has to play a vital role in living comfortably. Your living room sofa can serve as a bed at night. Futons or pull-out beds from Happy Beds are an excellent addition to your small home problem. They are aesthetic and serve the purpose well, and they are a true space-saver.

Your coffee table can be used as a nightstand, and it can function as a side table. Anyway, all you have to do is make maximum use out of the existing furniture, so that you save space and money.

  • Purchase a loft bed

If your house is small, but you have a high ceiling, you have an excellent opportunity to install a loft bed. This is the best way to clear up the floor space and make use of the high ceiling.

  • Divide with a bookshelf

If you are someone who wants to divide their space into a living room and bedroom in a small flat, A bookshelf is a game-changer. You can place a bookshelf to create an isolated and private space for your bedroom. The bookshelf can either serve as a storage unit with cabinets and shelves, or you could simply stack your book collections and turn it into a décor.

  • Make a wall bed

if your house has thicker walls, you could install a wall bed. A wall-mounted bed is an excellent option as it helps to keep the space clutter-free, and you can easily conceal the bed back into the wall in the morning. Wall beds give a cleaner look to space, and there’s no need to place a room divider as well.

  • Use less space-taking furniture

Well, redesigning your room, make sure that you don’t have big and bulky furniture. Opt for furniture that takes up less space and can be used as storage options. Ottomans and pop-up coffee tables can serve the purpose of storing and putting things away. Along with that, when purchasing new pieces of furniture, go for light-colored ones rather than dark stained furniture. The light polished furniture creates the illusion of open space, whereas dark articles make the room look smaller.

Also, make sure you use locking on your furniture so that it is easy to move around without causing you a back pain. 

On the last note…

Decorating and putting your space to the best use can be fun and fabulous. Though it might cost you time, energy, and some dough, a little input will last you a long time. If you are good at building stuff on your own, you can design and build your furniture without spending a ton.

Map out the layout you’d want because the more you plan out before making any final move, the more likely you will end up with a space that you truly love and is fully functional. 

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