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UF or UV Water Purifier: Which One to Buy and Why?

Drinking healthy water has become a priority in every household, given how people have begun understanding the necessity and importance of clean and safe water. And nothing makes your water fit for drinking than a good water purifier. However, confusion arises when you are given to choose the right water purifier from a variety of models and types. Presently, there are talks, debates, and studies on both UV and gravity-based water purifiers. While UV stands for Ultraviolet water purifier, the UF means Ultra Filtration water purifier.

To be able to make the best choice between the two, you must have a clear understanding of both.

The Basic Difference Between UV and UF Water Purifier

In an Ultraviolet water purifier, the raw water passes through a UV lamp which is present in it. Thanks to the UV light, all the water-borne diseases triggering pathogens like the toughest of bacteria and viruses no longer stays active. On the other hand, the UF water purifier comes with a semi-permeable hollow membrane that has 0.01 microns wide holes. Through the UF membranes, the impurified water passes by gravity and results in all the harmful bacteria and viruses getting blocked.

UV vs UF Water Purifiers: Know Their Different Working Principles

Electricity Consumption

While in a UV water purifier, electricity is essential for the ignition of its UV lamp, the UF which is a semi-permeable membrane based doesn’t need electricity but rather uses either water pressure or gravity to function.

Passing of Water

For the water to pass through the UV lamp in the UV water purifier which sits inside a small pipe resembling a container, it would need running water with maximum water pressure. But in a UF water purifier, the water needs gravity to pass through its UF membrane.

Disease Removing Ability

In a UV water purifier, the diseases causing bacteria and viruses might become inactive due to the strong UV rays, but their bodies remain. While the inactive viruses and bacteria might not pose any health risks, in occasional scenarios, they might multiply and reproduce, henceforth contaminating the purified water and making it unfit for drinking. However, in the UF water purifier, the UF membrane completely blocks the bacteria and viruses and doesn’t let them come inside the purified water at all.

Purification of Muddy and Turbid Water

When the water is muddy, they are unable to get purified in the UV water purifier, because of how the UV light rays fail to penetrate through the water. And in the worst-case scenarios, this muddy water can also get blocked inside the UV lamp and make the same incapable of purifying the water. But on the flip side, the gravity-based water purifier can effectively purify turbid and muddy water.

Suitability for Low TDS

While both the UF and UV water purifiers are perfect for low TDS OR Total Dissolved Solids water, you should always invest in a UF water purifier in case you need to treat muddy water.

Removal of Bacteria and Dissolvable Solids

The UV water purifier is made to kill all types of disease-triggering pathogens like viruses and bacteria. However, they cannot get rid of the dissolved solids, lead, fluoride, and arsenic for instance. But the UF water purifier is designed and made to eliminate and block the bacteria and not for removing the dissolved solids. The 0.01-micron large hole hollow fibres-made semi-permeable membrane is present inside the UF water purifier which enables easy passing of dissolved solids.

The Use of Chemicals for Water Purification

Both the water purifiers do not count on any chemicals to purify the water. Both of them are also perfect for low TDS water; river water and lake water for instance, given how they cannot remove the dissolved solids. The simple UF and UV water purifiers neither enhances the colour nor the taste of the water. But in case you want something to improve the taste and colour of your water, you must buy a UV or UF water purifier that works on Activated Carbon.

Buying Water Purifier Like a Pro

To be able to make the best decision between a UV and UF water purifier, you should explore all the various types online. Each model comes with sufficient information on its specifications, working, advantages, and disadvantages for the consumers. This will prove beneficial for you as you can always decide which is the best one based on your water supply source, needs, and budget. After you decided which water purifier to bring home, spend some time comparing them in different retail sites to buy them at the lowest price.

The UV and gravity based water purifier have their perks and cons. Always use a combination of both UF and UV water purifiers to make the most of their advantages. The UV water purifier kills all types of bacteria and viruses but is unable to get rid of their bodies from the water, unlike the UF water purifier.

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