What is Codoid


Beginning as a startup in 2012, Codoid has rapidly established itself as one of the TOP QA COMPANIES in the world. Codoid is proudly led by QA experts that are passionate about software testing, and Quality Assurance. The greater the challenge, the more driven our team becomes. We don’t stop until we’ve achieved our goal of delivering quality software.

Our motivation comes from a deep need to learn, explore, and grow—as a team. As we delve into the quality assessment of your product, we leave absolutely no stone unturned in ensuring your product meets the needs of the end user. Our team is focused on meeting the highest standards, to help you deploy your incredible work.

Based in the tech hubs of India and Singapore, our clients are global. We work with organizations from fast-growing startups, to Fortune 500 companies. All of our clients trust Codoid to deliver incredible QA testing, everytime.

Codoid is an Elite Member of NASSCOM

  • We, as a software testing company, have invariably been an active participant of  various tech forums and webinars organised by Nasscom.
  • Leveraging NASSCOM’s stellar reputation and global reach, we pride ourselves in our contributions to the tech community at large.
  • Codoid is relentless in our dedication to contributing to the tech community. NASSCOM is a wonderful partner in that pursuit. NASSCOM has a global vision of helping the IT and IT enabled products and services industry in India. This is helping the industry become more trustworthy, respected, and innovative.

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