What is the Nuru?

Nuru (Japanese: ぬる, lit. ’slippery’) is a Japanese suggestive massage technique from Kawasaki, Japan. An odorless and colorless massage lotion is applied to both client and nuru masseur during this Therapy.

What is Nuru Massage?

To achieve the most intense experience possible, participants will try to use the widest possible range of touches to relieve stress. Sphaerotrichia divaricata is a brown seaweed plant that is used to produce the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, which is the main component of the gel used for nuru massages. Chamomile and minerals such as azulene and zinc are often added. Nuru gel can be purchased as pre-made products or in powder form.

Nuru Massage

A nuru massage is often followed by a sexual act. Several countries, including Nevada, the Netherlands, Austria, and the United States, allow nuru massages along with other forms of sex work.

 Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is more like sensual experience than a massage, thereby providing both physical and psychological advantages. Firstly, it is incredibly relaxing and relieving. Over 80% of customers in a London-based Nuru massage parlor disclosed a significant boost in psychological and physical development following a massage. Additionally, the oil used is beneficial for the skin. It hydrates the skin and eliminates toxins.

It’s also important to note that the nuru massage has the additional benefit of being quite arousing in its nature as a result of large sections of the body making contact. The use of this method has continuously resulted in positive results for individuals who want to spice up their lives.


  • Nuru massages can breathe new life into an affectionate relationship for some couples. Gel wraps can help people experience new sensations, as well as make them feel better about their skin.
  • Nuru massages are not only capable of creating physical association; they are also capable of improving passionate association, even in Japan regard Nuru massage as a spiritual experience.
  • Nuru massage has been proven to increase prosperity by up to 80% among those who have tried it. The Nuru massage is also effective for relaxing muscles and moisturizing the skin.
  • Stress can also be reduced with Nuru massage.
  • Moreover, a Nuru massage will help relax tired or sore muscles, regardless of whether you have questions at the beginning, you should understand that this treatment is safer than other types of massage.

Is Nuru Massage Legal?

Nuru massage is considered legal in Some States of USA and Netherlands. However it is prohibited in Some nations and Religions. This massage therapy is useful in relaxation and for sensational needs.

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