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Why Brands Have Started Packing their High-End Perfumes in Rigid Boxes?

Over the last decade perfume companies have emerged autonomously and maintained their higher regard among people and industries. Being such an important part of a person’s personality it’s important for one to choose the right fragrance that matches their personality and aura, something that resonates to them, something they can do. The Perfume and fragrance industry itself is an expensive industry and field among societies. Thus they can be regarded as luxury products for locals as premium products are to be packed in Luxury Packaging Boxes, also known as Setup Boxes.

While choosing a fragrance or a perfume, people tend to be very choosy as it’s something very personal and can directly affect their personality and how other people see them, whether it’s some kind of a cologne, scent, mist or body spray each one has its own pros and cons, but leaving all those things there, we do have one thing that is specifically a game changed while luring and attracting customers. Packaging plays an important role in a company’s sales percentage, it can literally spice up their game in the market, and from Rigid boxes to cardboard boxes the varieties are endless and come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Perfume and fragrance industry has been on the path of rapid growth thus competition among different brands to reach for most sales and creating the brand identity has been vicious. Not every company has the budget to plan annual campaigns and put their product for expensive marketing campaigns, so most people go for inorganic promotion and branding that consists mainly of representing brand values through its packaging.

Visual appeal tempts customers into buying good even when they may not need the product. Custom Rigid Boxes can play a pivotal role in bringing more customers through their eye catching and innovative printing. Many brands are rebranding their perfumes and fragrances by entitling them with a celebrity or a renowned source, thus the premium fragrance becomes a signature perfume that is carefully then decided to go into remarkable packaging processes. These signature fragrances are termed as the premium and extravagant scents, sold at relatively higher prices than the normal and ordinary ones. People are mostly reluctant to buy expensive products but good packaging guarantees your company comparing better sales and marketing promotions.

The wide range of packaging solutions that come for Perfume Boxes is quite commendable; brands willingly opt for Rigid Boxes as their Luxury boxes for fragrances. They know that these are easily accessible, resilient, sturdy, and safe thus can protect the product in all terms and situations.

Custom Rigid Boxes give brands the freedom to customize the packaging according to the design, preference and needs of the product and their company. There are endless options for color arrays and materials to select from. From dark hues to lighter tones, glossy and matte laminations and addition of inserts make the packaging more innovative and flamboyant. Many boxes are made into gift boxes as fragrances are often gifted as presents, quite popular among women they are though. Some companies promoting and distributing organic and pure fragrances such as therapeutic colognes go for organic and recyclable Rigid Boxes to represent their brand’s idea of conservation and minimalism.

Some companies that are in the idea of distributing strong powerful scents to show empowerment, independence and resilience often go for darker shades when preferring their Perfume Boxes. Many brands also promote custom made scents too, as people are prone to perfume allergies so they are given the choice to build their fragrances according to their own preferences and choices. Hence the packaging is then also designed and presented for those individuals according to their fragrance and scents, blended specifically for their own tastes and suggestions.

Some go for the telescopic Perfume Boxes, they come with base and a lid. Base slightly smaller than the lid so the lid can fit on the box and seal it tightly. So when the lid of the rigid box is lifted the base has the product in it, it gives one look presentation of your product and is most preferred. Telescopic boxes are similar to smartphone boxes.

Drawer Rigid Boxes are also preferred by some businesses as it’s easier to show the product by just sliding its lid open and presenting the product resting in there.

Many signature fragrances come with additional items too, thus Custom Rigid Boxes can be designed and printed with a place for inserts and slots mostly made of cork, foam and pulp. Inserts in the packaging help the product to stay in one place. Thus keeping it intact and safe wherever it has to be delivered to.

Luxury Packaging Boxes with perfumes in them can be used as gift boxes too, they can be decorated and embellished with different kinds of ribbons, sticker labels, personalized printed text and much more.

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