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Why is Your Ultimate Choice When Looking For A FREE Online File Converter?


After gauging a multitude of file converting tools, especially those behind paywalls and other such restrictions, has made its phenomenal mark. With most file types being restricted is precisely where it stands out. 

After looking and thoroughly seeing the benefits of, we can confidently assure you that it is one of the most efficient tools for accessible file conversion available on the overly saturated internet. 

It’s swift with minimal loss upon file conversion and offers wide ranges of file formats so it’s not being limited to a select few file formats. 

Why you should use/try over other conventional file converters

  • It’s Free

Totally free-of-cost. Any best advantage of any tool? It doesn’t charge you and is still providing effective and premium-like adequate service while being completely free of cost. It’s a big pro and makes it more accommodating, especially for general users looking to convert simple files or even more complex ones.  

  • It’s Easy And Efficient 

It’s easy, upload and drop any files and select the format you want them converted to. There are lots of selections to select from, it’s incredibly versatile in that regard. The interface is rather a baseline which serves it to be incredibly convenient, just drag-drop and you’re set. The UI is also incredibly simplistic and easy to work with, everything is upfront and classical. It works, and it works well. 

  • It Provides Unlimited Conversions 

One of the most important assets to any tool, it’s free with no limits. It’s unlimited, unlike other file conversion tools where you have an additional cost of subscription for running their services while also being burdened by data caps, you can freely upload without worrying about bandwidth caps and other annoying intrusive elements. This can be important for people looking to convert larger files or chunks of individual files without any annoyance of hidden costs, subscriptions, etc. Whether you are a large business that looks to convert files or large chunks of files, then this is a great choice, similarly for home users too. 

  • It’s Safe And Accessible 

Most free tools on the web might seem to work on the surface, but the catch is they tend to snoop on the data by using file conversion on their own servers rather than a conversion done on your own browser, does not keep backend logs of conversions, so for users who’re looking to keep their files anonymous without worrying about it being visible get to keep their anonymity.

As all the conversions are done on the client’s browser end, no traces or backlogs are kept during file conversions. Many other tools tend to do conversions on servers the issue with this however, it keeps data of that on the backend thus having full access to those files, which is why it’s recommended to always check how converters handle their conversions and privacy and anonymity of files is an important measure in the digital era. 

  • A Wide Selection Of File Formats 

An estimated of over 80+ file formats to choose from which means you won’t be missing out much in terms of alternating between converters or looking for more premium tier converters to consistently suit your needs, advanced users or users looking to convert a variety of formats efficiently will find this incredibly encouraging. From all the tests I did personally, on varying file types I found minimal quality loss upon conversion, so if you are also seeking consistency, then this would be a great tool for simple and advanced users alike. 

From all the file converts we have come across, this one by far offers the most convenient in terms of accessibility and variety of file formats coupled with its most redeeming feature, that it is free AND unlimited, it is one of the best, if not, the best choice if you’re looking to easily convert files. It is also secure, as the file conversions are done on the browser end rather than the server end, this way, attackers and snoopers or other illicit methods can’t be used to view or hijack information. Still, personal security with all its layers is futile if not taken measures yourself, but all in all, an amazing tool, works, consistent, and does what it needs to.  

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