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Why Press Release Distribution Service Asks Photo?


When you want to hire press release distribution service, they usually give list of material you have to prepare for your press release. One of them is photo. In press releases, it often only displays text without supporting photos. Actually, a press release without a photo doesn’t violate the rules. However, this also depends on the topic of the press release, if it is an event or product launch, it is mandatory to include photographs that explain it visually. Although some media have reporters and photographers who can take photos, the availability of stock photos in press releases is still necessary and important. This is useful for media that cannot do live coverage and only rely on press releases for reporting.

If the media requires a photo with a large resolution size (usually print media), you must be ready to supply it. Sending press releases with photos via e-mail sometimes has problems with large file sizes. To overcome this, press release senders can upload the release photos on cloud services such as GDrive, Dropbox, and others. Apart from being in text, press releases can also be in visual form (photos, videos, infographics). However, all of them have the same goal, it is to announce information, events, strategies and situations to the media

Don’t Miss a Quote!

Although you have hired a best press release distribution service, you still need to do extra care for your press release. A photo should be with the quote. You also need to add quote sentences to make your broadcast more lively and real. Generally, quotes for press releases are taken from influential figures, for example company officials, executive teams, project leaders, investors, partners, clients or customers, or other key players.

Including quotes from these people shows how important and significant the news you convey to the public. Therefore, the quote also needs to emphasize the essence of the announcement you made. For example, you can take a quote that describes your business goals, recent achievements, future goals, or other information that supports the data and is in accordance with the point stated. There you can also put the quote into photo you have submitted. The PR service of course will help your company to make sure the quote and the photo are relevant for each other. So, it won’t give overlapping information between the quote and the photo. 

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