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Why should you use Microsoft Outlook 2019?

Microsoft Outlook is an application of the Microsoft Office suite that is used to manage your emails, calendars, meetings, and many more. The recent version of Outlook, that is Microsoft Outlook 2019, has been released with many new features. It came with many updates to make the management of a variety of tasks easier. Microsoft Outlook is a combined package for managing your emails, calendars, meeting, tasks, and so on.

What updated features does Microsoft Outlook 2019 offer?

Listed below are the features offered by Microsoft Outlook 2019:

  • @Mentions: Like other social media platforms, Microsoft Outlook 2019 also uses the @ symbol to tag any person in a particular message. When you type the @ symbol, a list of people will be displayed, choose the desired one.
  • Read Aloud: Just like it sounds, it does the same thing. It reads the text messages out loud. It enhances accessibility for you and allows you to perform multitasking. 
  • Add Groups: Microsoft allows you to make and amalgamate with Office 365 Groups. You can invite everyone using a URL or sending an embedded link via email. These groups will help you in discussing common topics and sharing the required information.
  • Focused Inbox: This feature automatically organizes the messages in your inbox in two tabs: Focused and Other. As you receive messages, it categorizes them between these two tabs based on their content. 
  • Email templates: It is available for Mac only. It saves the time wasted in writing the same email over and over again with just slight changes. This feature helps you save a new message as a template for future emails. Remember that extra information can always be added before sending the email.
  • Payment reminders: It will remind you of your bill payments. The payment details that you received via email will be retrieved and Outlook will display a summary and will automatically add the due date on the calendar. 
  • Time zone scheduling: People dealing with clients of different time zones have the maximum benefit from this feature. You can easily manage meetings that are scheduled in multiple time zones. You can add different time zones with the required labels on them.

What tips and tricks should you know while using Microsoft Outlook 2019?

While using Microsoft Outlook 2019, use the following tips for a smooth experience:

  1. Protect your email account: Securing your emails reduces the risk of important information getting lost that is communicated over the email. You can protect your emails by applying a password to Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Be ahead of crucial tasks using a to-do list: Microsoft Outlook allows you to verify all the to-do activities centralized in one place. Just click the Task button and all the activities in your to-do will be displayed.
  3. Organize your Inbox using different folders: You can organize your emails by categorizing and adding them into different folders. Microsoft Outlook 2019 facilitates you to create different folders as per your need, so you’ll know which email is in which and can easily track them.
  4. Save your time by using keyboard shortcuts: Using the keyboard shortcuts helps you to attempt a task in less time duration and with more efficiency. 
  5. Use the Read Aloud feature for easier proofreading: For proofreading, make use of the Read Aloud feature as it will help you to avoid issues like grammatical errors or types before sending an email.
  6. Join with the colleagues’ Inboxes using @Mentions: During teamwork in the emails, you can mention your team members in your messages using the @ symbol.

What else should you know about Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook can help you to be more productive. Given below are some of the outstanding qualities that Outlook offers you:

  1. If you have used the word “attachment” or “attached” in your email, Outlook will automatically understand that an attachment has to be there in this email and reminds you for the same if you will send that email without adding any attachments.
  2. If you have done any reservations using your Outlook email, then the details of that reservation will automatically be saved in your Outlook calendar.
  3. To stay focused on your work and avoid unwanted mail thread conversations, you can use the Ignore Conversation feature. All the messages of the entire conversation will automatically be deleted and the future messages will detour your Inbox and will be moved to the Deleted Items folder.
  4. The alerts in Outlook helps to add the details of any event or important message so that it can remind you accordingly. These alerts will be displayed over any application so you never miss them.
  5. If you want to remove the emails that have replied or are duplicates or have been read from your Inbox, you can use the Conversation Clean Up feature of Microsoft Outlook. It will delete many of such email messages and will leave only the emails that are unread or have unique information messages in them.
  6. If you want to view Calendar, Tasks, Folders, or any other such item simultaneously, then right-click the options and select the Open in New Window option. This will open each item in a different window so that toggling between them becomes easier and faster.
  7. In case you are sending a message to a group of people and want to address only one or two, then you can use the @mention feature of Microsoft Outlook. As soon as you will type the @ symbol, a list of people in that group will be displayed and you can choose the required ones.

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