Chimney caps

Why you should install Chimney caps

Chimney caps are designed to prevent animals, birds and vermin from entering flues. Fireplaces, wood stoves, furnaces, boilers and water heaters all have flue pipes.

Which need to keep clear of critters to ensure smooth functioning. The main function of chimney caps is to keep out birds. Squirrels and other small animals that would otherwise seek refuge.

In the warm opening at the top of your chimney. If you just had a pipe sticking up in the air. These creatures may get stuck or injured when they try to enter your chimney. The cap keeps them from trying this in the first place.

Chimney cap designs

Chimney caps come with various types of designs and colors. Some have decorative faces while others are plain. There are some that can remove and replace when necessary.

While others will need to be cut off if you ever want to climb inside the chimney. But most caps will protect your chimney from birds and vermin without being overly obtrusive since they’ll generally do their work from the outside of your home.

Many caps on offer today also double as rain guards for your roof line; so not only a safety barrier for wildlife but also a superb means to prevent water ingress and potential leaks within your roofing.

People often overlook this aspect of having a working fireplace but it is just as important as the fire itself! A leaking chimney (i.e wet flues) can lead to reduced efficiency of the fire and potentially costly repair bills in the future.

Chimney cap installation

Chimney caps need to be installed properly or they won’t do their job. You should check if your chimneys flue is sealed with a little mortar, so that no birds get into it. If you have ground contact then you will need to purchase a rain guard for the top of the pipe as well since it’s generally not covered by shingles like other parts of your roof line are. Most chimney caps will fit around pipes ranging from 6 inches (15cm) -10 inches (25cm) in diameter although there are some large industrial options available too. So make sure you measure up before you buy.

If your chimney cap doesn’t come with instructions then you should follow the manufacturer’s guidance. But generally speaking they can secure with screws or wire ties to keep them in position and stop them from falling off. Then all that is left is to sit back and enjoy your new piece of chimney safety equipment!

Chimney Caps Benefits

  1. Chimneys without an effective cap installed may be prone to leakage and water damages not only to the ceiling below but also throughout your home if rainwater seeps into it. Cap installation helps keep out all sorts of unwanted pests that might otherwise make their way in through your chimney top. It prevents them from entering the pipe or nesting inside causing adverse effects on your home’s insulation and its systems to generate comfort for you and your family including the fireplace itself!
  2. Fireplace flue exposed outside top is always susceptible damage form elements such as wind & hail with no cap being there to protect it. With proper installation of the chimney cap. 
  3.  A chimney cap will help protect your fireplace against too much heat. From the fire when you light one up for those cold winter nights. This prevents cracks on the outer surface of the fireplace if exposed to scorching heat around its area. It can also lower down ashes, embers & other heated objects that are likely to fall within the fireplace through an open top without a cap installed!
  4. Chimney caps prevent insects or animals like birds from entering and taking up shelter in your chimneys flue pipe. This increases the life expectancy of your fireplace or boiler significantly. Since this vermin may cause serious blockages which may lead to fires in your home.
  5. Chimney caps help keep birds from making their nests and other nesting materials inside. The flue pipe of your chimneys reducing chances of having a serious bird infestation. Problem that might otherwise cause health hazards for you and your family!
  6. A wide range of chimney cap types are available today with different colors, shapes & sizes to complement various architectural styles of homes. Therefore it adds an aesthetic dimension to the overall look of your house!
  7. It is important to note that most fireplaces or boilers must made gas-tight. According to local regulations before installing a new cap or cover on it. However zero clearance fireplaces require special attention from certified professionals specializing in such projects.


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