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Windows Driver Installation on Huion Graphic Pen Tablet

Are you using a windows system to connect the graphic pen tablet?

Are all the compatible drivers supported or not?

In this article, you will find the info and procedure that will help you to install the driver.

Install windows driver on Huion graphic pen tablet

If your PC throws a driver problem on the system it might be because of failure of drivers or it has been outdated. In this condition, you can’t run any software and can’t perform well on your work front. You need to install a fresh version of the drivers. If you are installing a Huion pen tablet then you need to know about these things,which are mentioned below.

Things to remember while installing a drive

  • One thing that should keep in mind that you need to remove the existing drivers so that functionalities can get started well.
  • Restart the system.
  • Check the antivirus status and put it off. close the tabs or windows of drawing and editing applications/software.
  • The driver needs to install on pc so do not connect any input device. It will take much time to install the driver.
  • Do not change the installation path, let it be default functionality.

Huion India V15, V14, V13, V12 windows driver installation guide

Driver _V15

  • If you wish to install a driver V15, then you just use the cursor to double click on the tablet driver, then tap on the OK button. 
  • Confirm user agreement checkbox option and proceed to install now option. The installation procedure will begin very shortly.
  • Tap to see the functionality of the driver by clicking try it now.
  • If No device-connected status is appearing here.Then you may connect or joint a tablet with your PC to show the graphics and its functionality

Driver V14

  • All the drivers are available on Huion India’s website. If you need to install a V14 driver, you will need to enter the product details and OS you want to install.
  • Confirm the download.
  • Check the folder for the zip file. Unzip it to get full access.
  • Ensure that no designing tools are opened on your system. Begin the installation and proceed next for further instructions and functionality.
  • The overall process will be done by tapping on ‘completing the setup wizard’.
  • Connect your Huion India, Graphic pen tablet, a pop-up will prompt on the screen to indicate the device connectivity status.
  • As the driver is fully set up on your device or pc. You are free to use any graphic design or tool on your pc and tablet. Setup the shortcut keys to designing the graphics and illustrations.
  • You just need a USB cable to connect the graphic tablets and pc and everything will be done smoothly.
  • You found this method easy and quick. You just need to download,  unzip, proceed according to the steps. The download and installation will begin immediately after the commands and options. 

The process you have followed to install the windows V14 driver will be similar to installing the windows V13 driver and windows V12 driver.

V13 driver installation/ V12 driver installation 

  • Visit the Huion tablet driver website.
  • Type the appropriate tablet model and driver. Tap on download.
  • Unfold the file.
  • Close designing applications.
  • Proceed, next pop-up wizard.
  • Select destination folder.
  • You can get a desktop icon of the driver so you can get quick access.
  • Click on install.
  • Once the download and installation process complete, tap on the finish. Connect with your tablet for design and graphics inputs.

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