Work From Home Essentials: Safest Websites To Visit While on Lockdown


The year 2020, when the virus Covid-19 struck the world. It changes the world drastically, from our way of doing our jobs, students’ homework, and even our interaction with each other. One of the biggest effects of this pandemic is the lockdowns. This event affected our way of life because everything is done virtually to avoid the spread of the virus.

Luckily everyone now has access to computer devices and the internet. Despite our distance from each other, it still made us close in a way. There are many available sites on the web, but not all of them are useful, and some of them may even be dangerous to you and your device. With that said, here are the safest and most useful websites to visit while on lockdown.


Because of the pandemic, we were forced to do our transactions virtually. That includes keeping and sending virtual files; that is why file managing is an important task nowadays. One of the biggest tasks when dealing with virtual files is converting them; it is vital that the files are in the best format to accomplish essential jobs.

When it comes to doing this job, PDFBear is the best. It is the best word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF to Word, PDF to PDFA converter, and so much more. It converts various file formats without hassle in just a few minutes. But its function does end there; although it is known for being the best file converter, it also offers many unique and valuable tools.

One of the fantastic tools you can use on the site is the Repair PDF tool which repairs damaged PDF files that are corrupted. Another helpful tool on this website is the Protect PDF Tool that can encrypt your file to ensure that only you can access your file and the data in it. There are so many extra features on this website that will help you get through this lockdown season.


Just because it is lockdown doesn’t mean companies and schools will stop operating. Human beings are known to be good at adapting to any situation; it is what helped us survive all the changes that we experienced these past years, and today we are going to survive this pandemic by adapting to the situation with the help of technology.

Since the operation of schools and companies doesn’t stop, that also means that the tasks continue. With tasks that involve delivering a speech, making essays, and writing a business proposal, it is vital to convey a clear message, avoid committing grammatical errors, and make sure that your work is original; luckily, Grammarly is always to the rescue.

This website checks your work by just pasting it on their website to ensure that everything is spelled correctly, words are in correct form and tenses, delivers a correct message, and makes sure that the punctuations are used correctly. They also check the originality of your work which is very important to avoid being accused of plagiarism.


Doing all your tasks at school, at your job, and also at home on an ordinary day is already hard, but doing it on days where you are isolated from other people, not to mention the anxiety of getting sick, is exhausting, depressing, and stressful all at the same time. That is why it is essential to take a break and destress to take care of your mental health.

What better way to destress than to watch videos that can make you happy and forget all the negative things that are happening around you. Although there are many websites that offer this kind of service, not all of them are safe, and some cost tons of money. Good thing there is one website that is safe and 100% free. I’m talking about Youtube.

You can watch any videos you watch, from funny videos, educational vlogs, music videos from your favorite artists, and so much more. You can choose any videos you like from the billions of uploads on their website. It is also a great source of income; by uploading vlogs, you can also earn money by doing anything that can entertain other viewers.


Things are undeniably more complicated now than how it was before. Luckily we have all the tools to help us get through these challenging times. Technology is one of the biggest tools that -make our life easier in this period. But although it is advantageous, there are still websites that can harm your computer. That is why it is essential to be always vigilant. 

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